Meet the team

Why do we plan weddings?
Because we experience our moments of purest joy when we are causing it in others and it would be our honor to share this day with you.

I was the hotel receptionist, he was the travel agent. Both of us wanted to provide our guests with the ultimate holiday experience. Our collaboration flourished into various projects and eventually led to a dynamic partnership. Putting together all the logistics, networking, extensive knowledge on Samos Island, hospitality and great enthusiasm we began to create memorable occasions and successful events for our lovely clients with common goals, genuine care, and passion for our work. We want to share all our knowledge and love for the island not only as your planners but as your friends.

Why at 37 Degrees?

“The Greek Aegean Islands are our canvas, and there are so many perfect wedding pictures to paint with our team of artists  always prepared and thrilled to execute each unique wedding into a dream come true!”

Elli Mihalopoulou

Full-Service Destination Event Planning & Design

Samos Island is where I spent my childhood carefree summer holidays, connected with my roots, and fell in love. Living on this paradise island is truly a blessing and twenty-four years later its beauty still captures my heart. I’ve been both the visitor and the local. I was exceptionally lucky to have had the opportunity to work in the hospitality industry at an amazing hotel for over 17 years building my way up from restaurant service to Front Office Manager ensuring my unlimited attention and genuine care for all my guests, clients, and their events. I literally went to work each day exploding with joy and excitement. My focus in the field of event and wedding planning not only quenched my thirst for creativity but brought me an incredible amount of joy to take care of my guests and clients on such a personal level sharing such an essential moment in their lives. Implementing design, organizing a team and all other vital elements required came to me naturally unfolding into a spectacular event each time. I truly feel a sense of fulfillment when I am able to help others and I am honored to have the opportunity to stand beside you on your special day. What was my wedding like? I would love to share this Greek-Tragedy-Comedy-with you sometime!


George Mattheou

Travel Destination Management & Consultant

Born and raised on Samos Island, I spent my early childhood in olive groves,vineyards and beehives exploring my father’s hobby for organic farming and created a strong connection to the land, the community and the local products.We traveled and explored all the places that make Greece unique and magical which led to my studies in Tourism Business Administration. I became certified by the GNTO as a professional Tour Operator and returned to the island in 2011 to share my passion and love for nature with the many enthusiastic visitors of the Aegean. In 2015 I began a project designing, reconstructing and mapping more than 250km of trails in Samos. In my spare time I’m digging into history, expanding my thirst for knowledge and indulging in my appetite for good cuisine and fine wine. Rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, biking, playing the drums and dancing Tango are some of my interests. I regard giving to my community of great importance and so I actively participate as a volunteer member of the Hellenic Rescue Team. As an expert in the travel industry, destination management and logistics, I want to direct you away from tourist traps ,offer you an authentic local experience and most importantly make you feel safe.

Let’s meet for brunch!

We would love to meet you, show you around the island and hear all about your love story.